Saturday, January 1, 2011

Los Angeles day 4{ the last day.

On the the last day of our vacation, my family went to another beach called Santa Monica beach.

In that beach I built another sand castle but it wasn't good so I started walking in the waves my dad made a really good sand castle that looked like a foot. My sister and her friend built lots and lots of sand castles, but most of the got washed away.

When I went deeper into the waves, I saw some with hair sticking out of the sand. I pulled the hair and out came a clam! When I looked more closely I saw many clams. I pulled as many of the clams as I could. For a few of them the insides were still sticking out when I pulled them from the sand.

For about half and hour I could not see my mother any way suddenly she returned. She said that she had been running across the beach. She said that the other side was really good.

I had a very good time but then, we had to leave Los Angeles.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Los Angeles day 3

On the third day my family didn't have too much in the schedule so we had a relaxing day on the beach. We drove to a beach called Huntington Beach. It was really fun.

The first thing I did was to build a sand castle. I built it on dry sand far away from the sea. Then I went closer to the waves and collected lots of shells to put inside my sand castle.

My sand castle was like a big mountain of sand, but it was hollow inside. After I finished with the first wall, I started on my second wall. When I was just finishing my third wall, A big wave came and just washed away the 2 of the walls. After that, I made my first wall really big and thick, so thick that when I punched the wall, it did not break. When I finished with my 1st wall, I made my second.

This time I really thought my wall was invincible. So I took a break to go to the bathroom. When I came back guess what? The 2 outer walls broke down again! It seemed like the waves only struck my castle when I'm either not ready or gone. I gave up trying to fix the castle over and over.

This time I went further to the waves where I picked up shells. I picked up many colored shells, small ones and big. My sister was really funny because when the waves got into her imaginary circle of 15 feet, she would run away as fast as she could. We played for three hours until we could play no more. Finally, we drove back to our hotel.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Los Angeles day 2

On the second day my family drove to Sea World. It was really fun to go there. I will tell you about this amazing trip.

The first thing I did was watch the Shamu show. My mom told me a pretty funny thing about the killer whales. Every time they whales did a trick, they ate some fish. Those whales were huge!

The next thing we did was to watch the sea lions and otters. The show was really funny and the sea lions were awesome! 2 otters swam with a ball on their nose. Next the went to a bamboo stick and the the ball into the air, catching the ball on the other side of the bamboo.

I wanted to go to the shark place, so we went there the was an underwater tube so we could see the fish from beneath it. The largest shark they had was not very large.

My favorite ride was a ride called the Shipwreck Rapids. That one makes you get completely soaked though. You ride in a little round boat. Then you go down in a huge rapid so the waves go all over and into the ship. Since nobody was doing the ride, I did it 3 times in a row.

I had a really fun day at Sea world, it was one of the best places I have ever been to!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Los Angeles Day 1

Last Saturday at 7:00 I started my trip to Los Angeles. On the way the my sister and I played some games. We drove for 2 hours and then stopped at a gas station and all went to the bathroom.

When we got to Los Angeles my dad drove to the hotel and went straight to the bed I sat on the bed and watched TV. We came with another family. Since they were not tired they went to look at the ship Queen Mary that ship fought in world war 2. When we got up the told us that you had to pay a lot to get in the ship.

That night my family went to eat a Chinese restraunt. It was pretty good. Every morning, no matter how much I ate last night, I wake up hungry. Very, Very hungry!That day was fun but I didn't sleep well the first day. I was to excited thinking about tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Wii

Last Friday I got the game Black Ops as a present. It was a really fun game. I play it a lot. Let me tell you about this game.

You can have many kinds of guns. Sometimes when you step over a dead body that has a gun near it,you will get ammo. If they have a different gun, there will be a note on your screen that says hold A to get new weapon. In the mission where you will destroy a rocket don't use a sniper rifle called the Dragonovich.

All of the missions so far have a kind of hard part to them. In the first mission it is when you have to blow the trucks in front of you plane from your tank. In the jail mission where you had to stay alive behind a coal cart was the hard part.

Right now I am stuck in the Vietnamese war. I am supposed to blow up 3 tanks that were attacking the base. I am always dieing when I try to get the mines to blow up the tank. When I attack the men the tank attacks me. So far that is all I have gotten to.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Revolutionary war

This war started when the Colonists refused to pay certain taxes. Angry about this the king of Britain sent armies to attack the colonists. A british spy reported that in the city of Concord there was gunpowder. The king sent 300 soldiers to get the gunpowder. But to get to concord they had to pass Lexington. So they went there at night to get away unnoticed. The minute men, people of the city militia, attacked the british. Still the minute mens numbers were to small. Like that the war began.

The main weapon used in this war is the Smoothbore musket. It is 3 feet 8 inches long and fired a one-ounce ball. It was quite hard to reload a musket though. First you have to cock the flintlock. The next step is to take some gunpowder and put in a small opening in the musket barrel. Then, you took an iron stick and shoved it into the barrel.

When the British were going back, many militia went in small groups to attack. The farmers didn't. Know that they had so much people so they stayed back. They kept on chasing until they trapped the British in Boston. Overnight the militia made a giant fort on Breeds hill. In the morning, all the british sent a charge to attack the fort. The first charge failed and many british people died. Almost no colonists died. The British had to do three complete charges to finally capture the fort. The British had 1154 out of 2200 soldiers dead. The militia only had 411 killed out of 1500 soldiers.

There was many more battles, but I wanted to tell you this one because it was my favorite.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amanda's Birthday

Today was my sister's birthday party. She was turning 4 today. The place she went to was little gym. It was a fun place.

The first thing we did in the little gym was to have free play. Then we played a game called knock the cheese. I jumped in the air and landed on the mattress sideways. We had a fun time and played lot of games. My sister was playing a lot with a girl named Abrianna. We played and played many games, then we all stood in a line and marched into a room.

In the room we ate pizza and drank juice. My sister was still eating when the cake came. I was full. I finished my second slice of pizza when Abrianna was on her first. My dad helped my sister blow the candles. We all ate cake. I don't really like any kind of cake. At about 7:00 we all went home.